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Love It, Leave It

As we close out 2022 and look to a bright and prosperous, healthy and happy 2023, expectations for gunning waterfowl and catching some good fish are very high.  Earlier in October we enjoyed some strong cold fronts to kick off the Fall, and after a warmer November and early December, it’s finally starting to cool to normal temperatures in the Middle Texas Coast.  This is great news for the outdoor enthusiasts we attract to our area.

Typically during January area waters get a break with fewer anglers focused in on slow steady wade fishing in hopes of having that trophy trout make her once a day bite on their lure.  The area is gaining in popularity just as it has over the past years.  Boat shows coupled with cabin fever help to drive this flurry too.  It’s common to see only a few boats out when you are wading or drifting your favorite hole or anchored in the right spot but as soon as it warms a bit and the wind drops here they come.  This is both a good thing and can be challenging.  Good to see the interest in fishing and boating of course which helps fund the future conservation efforts in different ways, but also a challenge to break in the new guy.  I say welcome them and lend a helping hand with a friendly suggestion on where to go and how to stay safe in the low water conditions of the Winter.  I’ve personally benefitted as a guide by helping out a fellow angler or boater by checking to make sure all are safe.

My suggestion is to try and practice the attitude of “we are borrowing these resources from future generations and not using them up for our own immediate pleasure”, with that philosophy the coast will endure.  POC and surrounding bays and back lakes are truly one of the last gems on the Texas coast, heck anywhere for that matter.  Efforts to keep it that way come in different scales (no pun intended) but if we all try to do our part it will help ensure our children and on down the line have this gem too. Love It and enjoy the salt water ecosystem down here then Leave It better than you found it for the next generation.

Check us out online or phone us and we would love to help you find accomodations for your stay and if you need help in contacting fishing and duck guides we are here to help.

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