The wind has been unusually high lately on the coast and I think it’s due to upcoming changes in our weather patterns over the next few months. As we move from Summer to Autumn in the northern states our winds tend to pick up in anticipation of cold fronts, but by the same token they are often calm after the passage of these mild fronts giving way to beautiful green water up close to the beach.  The days are already getting shorter and the sun is going down earlier every day.

Changes are coming soon in the weather patterns for sure and that means changes are coming for fishing patterns as well. This year we did not get the normal lull on the trout bite as it has remained strong through July and August and our redfish bite has been strong.  Thankfully we have not had the tropical weather around these parts. When you look at the news and talk to people around the state of Texas and the country, people rely on weather impacts for different things.  I’ve noticed in Central Texas when it gets so dry people get sort of desperate and pray for tropical weather to come in to the Gulf and I struggle with that because I realize if you actually live on the coast that is often the worst thing that can happen-at least as a devastating storm bringing lots of rain and flooding or a hurricane.  I believe it’s a blessing that weather patterns are what they are and they are not in human hands and Mother Nature simply does what she is going to do.  As I look towards the second half of August and the beginning of September I’m excited that dove season is just around the corner. It is a back-to-school time of year which I always remember dreading but it’s just another change of seasons.

My focus over the next couple of weeks will be staying out of the high wind as much as I can and focusing on slightly cleaner greener water.  The fish are eating at different times of the day and especially with the moon phase that we’re in right now.  When I have bait trips I will be using live croaker and an assortment of redfish baits such as cut mullet or crabs.  A colleague of mine believes the fish are out of the area due to the high water temperature and I’m tending to agree with that since I have not been seeing as many fish. So in the coming weeks I look for water temperature to stabilize or drop a little bit and when that happens I will be carrying dead shrimp as well and targeting black drum. When I get wade fishing trips we are using soft plastics such as the Texas Trout Factory’s Trout Killer and Killer Hustler wading in chin to waist deep water over a mixture of shell and sand. The water levels are down a foot right now which is typical this time of the year. So on these trips I will be focusing on deeper guts and drop offs where the water temperature might be slightly cooler and I’m being sure to work the entire water column.

Changes coming soon before you know it the Friday night lights will be bright and the Fall activities in full swing.  When these activities pick up you may find it hard to make time for saltwater fishing but I can assure you that we are going to be on the water and we are going to be up-to-date on what is happening.  Tight lines and see you out here soon!

Capt. Stephen Boriskie, August 2017